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What is Scrum! In Under 10 Minutes!

The author of this video would like you to check out  http://www.axosoft.com/



Today I learned about Scrum, a new way of thinking about Project Management. The video I watched was located here (a lecture @ Google). In addition I found some links on the Internet which  included

Key findings from the Google video included:

indicator of future performance based on sactual to date


 the “velocity of release”


Quotes from the video:

  • When we are told to do more, we cut quality without telling a soul… – not a good thing according to the author
  • 35% of all requirements change within the duration of any given project (due to 25 years of using the waterfall method)
  • Scrum, you must deliver one customer facing functionality component within every sprint

Also, one last video on Scrum (with a good into soundtrack, but bad acting) I found is located here.