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Information Visualization Theory and Taxonomic Framework




Thesis Ideas… 2007

For my dissertation I am looking less at doing detailed data crunching, but more on how participants (project managers, geeks, managers, etc) react (or interact) with complex data and/or “information overload” for the very purpose of improving their own (or the organizations) information management.

Websites to check out on visualization

  • information aesthetics
  • data mining (and more)
  • flowing data
  • many eyes
  • Junk Charts
  • Stat. Graphics & Data Visualization
  • Pictures of Numbers
  • Forest and the Trees
  • programmableweb
  • serial consign
  • coding horror
  • bokardo – social design
  • Information Visualization Journal

    Forthcoming in 2007 is our special issue on Visual Analytics by Guest Editor: Pak Chung Wong. Free online access to these papers will be available to you upon publication.

    Included in the Visual Analytics special issue:

    • Interactive Wormhole Detection and Evaluation;
      Weichao Wang, Aidong Lu
    • NetLens: Iterative Exploration of Content-Actor Network Data;
      Hyunmo Kang, Catherine Plaisant, Bongshin Lee, Benjamin B. Bederson
    • ScentIndex and ScentHighlights: Productive Reading Techniques for Conceptually Reorganizing Subject Indexes and Highlighting Passages;
      Ed H. Chi, Lichan Hong, Julie Heiser, Stuart K. Card, Michelle Gumbrecht
    • Ewall: A Visual Analytics Environment for Collaborative Sense-Making;
      Paul E. Keel
    • A Visualization Testbed for Analyzing the Performance of Computational Linguistics Algorithms;
      Stephen G. Eick , Justin Mauger, Alan Ratner
    • An Automated Approach for the Optimization of Pixel Based Visualizations;
      Jörn Schneidewind, Mike Sips, Daniel A. Keim
    • Visual Analysis of Historic Hotel Visits;
      Chris Weaver, David Fyfe, Anthony Robinson, Deryck Holdsworth, Donna Peuquet, Alan M. MacEachren

    List of Graph Visualization tools

    List of Graph Visualization tools from
    Other Resources
    CAIDA Directory
    SourceForge Directory
    INSNA Directory
    Google Directory
    Wikipedia Directory
    List of Mind Mapping Software
    List of Concept Mapping Software
    Open Source Graphs in Java

    A Working Brain Model Forces of Modernism Co-authorship Network - LRI Lab Typographic Links Resource System Reference Database Queens Library A social network visualization
    Mapping APRIL's Topological Distribution Maps series Visualizing the Aging Process Mobiglobe Flare Overlapper Google Mappish Mondrian
    Sharon Molloy's work EtherApe Mother Tongues of Computer Languages London Air Pollution in 3D CMM Skyrails Hyperonyme
    The Spread of Obesity in a Large Social Network Janice Caswell's Landscapes Road traffic between Swedish counties WikiMindMap Cinematic Particles orient - Migrating Architectures Map of Science
    Visual Medical Dictionary Facebook Friend Wheel Anymails The Product Space and the Wealth of Nations Hypergraph Generator Fidg't Visualizer Netflix Visualization


    Fascinated about visualization models and tools (Gallery 1)

    DocuBurst by Christopher Collins

    Uncertainty Lattices by Christopher Collins

 by Heer, Viégas, and Wattenberg

    StudiAnalyse by Christoph Gerstle and Florian Moritz

    Enron Explorer by Trampoline Systems

    Social Action by Adam Perer

    Nearword by Gregory Vaughan

    34all by Martin Dudek

    Zone Manager by Martin Dudek

    timeVis by Can Altineller

    Small-World Networks by Stephen Frowe Ingram

    NameVoyager by Martin Wattenberg, rebuilt by Jeffrey Heer

    ¢ongress by Jeffrey Heer

    zipdecode by Ben Fry, rebuilt by Jeffrey Heer

    TreeMap Demo by Jeffrey Heer

    RadialGraphView Demo by Jeffrey Heer

    TreeView Demo by Jeffrey Heer

    GraphView Demo by Jeffrey Heer

    FisheyeMenu Demo by Jeffrey Heer

    DataMountain Demo by Jeffrey Heer

    Vizster by Jeffrey Heer and danah boyd

    Flow Map Layout by Doantam

     PDF archive: vis.pdf